Progress report.

This weekend, Riley will turn three years old and Micah will turn one year old. Six weeks later, my brother will go to NYC; he may never come back to the Philippines. The boys and I will follow a few weeks after him.

Lots of change happening, indeed.

I’m about 80% done with the legal paperwork necessary for me and the boys to go home: Micah  has been recognized as an American citizen and a Filipino citizen and has an American passport; I’ve completed all of my dual citizenship requirements and need only to wait for the official certificate to be processed; the paperwork for Riley’s dual citizenship will be handed in on the day that I sign my dual citizenship certificate, and then we wait 3-5 weeks for his stuff to be done. On another day, many years from now, I’ll spill the beans on all the red tape we’ve had to traverse (miles and miles of it!) and the luck that’s allowed us to get this far on this journey in only six months… (Cue sarcasm alert.)

In the meantime, I’m writing every day. I’m working on one short story collection in particular, and once all of my creativity has been expelled in this direction, I’ll work on other projects I have going on. I need to finish up stuff at school before I go home to NYC, but that will happen when time/energy are permitting; I’m not stressing too much about it. 

Rob and I are better than we’ve been in a long time. This, despite the fact that 1) a good friend of his family passed away recently from cancer (she was in her early 30s), and 2) Rob’s mom has been told by doctors that she has less than a year to live. Rob and I were having a hard time navigating between the expected emotional pitfalls pertaining to sickness and death, and the general hang-ups we face on a day-to-day basis. Time difference and long distance are hard enough to contend with, but with the weather here in the Philippines having taken a drastic turn toward cool/cold (strange in the tropics!), the kids have been catching colds and other viruses left and right. I’ve been stressed, trying to keep them safe. I’ve also been stressed dealing with money issues, as the recent developments have forced me to cancel the boys’ huge birthday party in lieu of completing our legal paperwork asap.

I’ve become more centered in the past few days. Exercise and meditation have allowed me to find a semblance of inner peace that I lost a long time ago. I took a detour into consumerism for a while and bought a lot of clothes, which helped me feel better about my body and thus ease into my current state. I also spent more quality time with the kids, on communication issues with Rob, and on writing. All of this has helped a lot, and I’m having an easier time expressing myself and knowing just who I am.

My soul feels more free these days. But also very heavy. Lots of big things to come.

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