The Great Lull: Full Speed Ahead.

I’ve always needed to be the one with the big mouth, yelling from the rooftops all the big ideas that were spewing out from my brain. I’ve always had to dissect and examine every single aspect of my life. (Maybe because the philosophy student in me really believes my life wouldn’t be worth living otherwise.) I’ve been the thinker, the one who sits and contemplates and tells you what’s going to happen before it happens. I’ve been the one to make plans and draw conclusions and just know things

But not anymore.

I just don’t feel compelled to share all of that anymore. The plans, the details, the behind the scenes stuff—I think I’ve finally had my fill of TMI. Now, I reserve all of the Important Stuff for good friends and my non-blog writing. I’m just quietly pushing along, doing what I have to do, and enjoying what I’ve got. I don’t feel the need to show off my assets, or make a big deal about how I’m living, or make sure that everyone knows what I know. I have a newfound sense of self-worth and confidence that surpasses the need to talk about myself and pick apart my every decision ad nauseum.

At least, that’s what I’m feeling right now. Ask me again tomorrow.

For now, life is good and hard and exciting, and I am thankful for every single one of my blessings. I am content and happy and absolutely owning Maslow’s hierarchy. 

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