Beautiful business. As usual.

Today was kind of a big deal. For one thing, Dad’s been here for four days, and we still haven’t argued about anything. That’s kind of monumental. Also? I realized yesterday that I’ve edited over 400 pages in 3 days. That’s no small feat. Today was the first day I had a fever, and I’m thinking it’s because I OD’d on the workaholicism. No matter. I took a day break. Got a full-on makeover. Eased my mind. Thought about things other than the kids, Rob, work, and school. Felt sexy. Looked sexy. Immersed myself in style and fashion. Turned lots of heads. Saw a Filipino model in person and enjoyed the fact that if you took pics of us and asked the average person which one of us they thought was the model, at least 80% would’ve picked me. Got my period for the first time since I gave birth to Micah.

Tomorrow morning, I get to have a Skype date with Rob. Dad’s going grocery shopping. I get to spend the whole day at home, cleaning, organizing, spending time with the kids, and nursing my sore throat. I’m also going to start reacquainting myself with anatomy, physiology, and health assessment in between all of the usual chaos. AND I start my make-up hospital duty soon.

2011 is winding down, my friends, and I have a feeling it’s not going to fold quietly into the corner.


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