Mom leaves tomorrow.

She’s been here two weeks. In that time, I started another semester, we got two new maids, Riley got spoiled ROTTEN, we went “malling” every.freaking. day (yes, “malling” is a word here), and I got NO studying done.

Tomorrow, we’re bringing mom to the airport and I’m going to be absent for the first time since the semester started. Tomorrow also happens to be the first of two days with wall-to-wall quizzes. And did I mention the zero studying that I’ve accomplished?

I’m exhausted from all the driving, malling, shopping, eating, et al., that my mom’s vacation has entailed. Good news, though: I’ve made real headway on the business poster and nailed a couple of editing gigs, Rob’s thisclose to landing a job, and Baby Micah could be as little as TWO WEEKS away fom making his grand appearance. I’ve got most of his stuff ready for him, and I’m excited for the rest of what’s to come.

For now, this is the thought ringing in my exhausted mind: So what if I end up being absent and missing out on three of the five quizzes? I’ve only got one mom and I intend on spending as much quality time with her as possible.


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