I want us to be *that couple*.

Not the Disney couple that’s so sugary-sweet you can feel your teeth enamel melting off every time you see them.

Not the abusive couple that makes headlines.

Not the plain/uninteresting/boring couple that has everything they could ask for and yet no problems to speak of.

I want to be the couple that’s so bizarre and novel that we take up your thoughts in the middle of the night and make you wonder, question, and acknowledge perspectives you’ve never before noticed or had always believed to be wrong. I want us to defy and redefine everything you know about Love, and in so doing open your mind to my reality: the one where we are all free to Love as we want without having that love invalidated by others’ opinions of what Love should be. I want our love to be the kind that proves my hopes and wishes to be true, even if I’m not entirely sure what those hopes and wishes are.

Maybe I need to know that there is someone out there capable of loving me while I inevitably grow and change and redefine everything I’m about. Maybe I need someone who redefines my every notion of what my soulmate should be like, and in so doing overwrites a large part of my psyche. Maybe I need to bolster my self-confidence by going through hell with someone, knowing that our relationship could very well be falling apart right before my eyes, and yet scrounge up an insurmountable amount of faith.


All I know is, I’m in this thing, ride or die.


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