Not phazed, just tired.

The past couple of days have been chock full of lessons; humility, patience, resilience, and relaxation were among them. I remembered many truths, like why it is I don’t get along with my dad, and why it’s better to be on the opposite side of the world from my home, and how good it feels to have many diverse friends. I also allowed myself some much-needed lazy time. That is, time to myself to read magazines and books and lie slothfully on my king-sized bed as the air condition howled gorgeous, cold air into the room and 90s music wafted from my laptop.

I made gnocchi from scratch for the first time and they came out DELICIOUS. Also, my knack for gardening kicked in again, and I started a small “green fund” to buy fertilizer, seeds, pots, et al.

Today, I hung out with two really good girlfriends and ate yummy food, and gabbed about love and nursing, and laughed until I thought my water would break.

And even though there were setbacks – I didn’t get to finish my book review because it turns out my mic is broken, I didn’t outline the final chapters for class because I was too lazy, I didn’t go swimming with Riley because I decided I needed some “me time” instead – there were also many small triumphs. And I made up as best I could the duties I didn’t get to attend to. And I feel okay with all of the challenges that were posed and how I dealt with them.

At the end, all of it mattered but none of it bothered me. I’m just really, really, really craving a glass of red wine and a cool breeze.

I’m fineĀ settling for only the latter.


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