Getting un-stuck from my rut.

I’m always busy, so it might sound strange that I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. Thing is, it’s easy to feel that way.

All I do each day is be responsible. I go to class, study, work, plan, budget, take care of the fam, take care of the household, keep in touch with my folks and in-laws, have daily Skype dates with Rob, and write. If I’m lucky, I get to write an email to a friend. But that, right there? That’s my typical day. No silliness, no craziness, no real drama. Just action. All. The. Time. And though I know that it’s all for the best and will pay off in the end, right now I just feel blah. My aura is a boring off-white. I need… something.


Fast-forward three days. I find out I might have gestational diabetes, and all of a sudden, life is a little less boring. Not to say that I’m exactly excited or at all happy by this turn of events, but it forced me to change up my diet and routine. I’ve cut out all non-whole grain carbs from my diet; I force myself to exercise for an hour every day; and despite the annoyances caused, I drink a minimum of two liters of water per day.

Maybe it’s the newly-found adrenaline rush. Maybe it’s the uber-healthy food. Maybe it’s the fact that other little things have fallen into place in the past 24-hours. All I know is, my rut? I’m not stuck in it anymore.


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