Reunited and it feels so good!

Not with Rob, sadly. But almost just as good: with the internet! Man, I’ve missed you guys!

Quick recap: I’m now 26 weeks pregnant, gaining waaaayyyy too much weight because I spend most of my days sitting in a classroom, and kicking ass at school. I’ve mellowed out on the editing, since I haven’t had a working internet connection in almost two months, and though I’m committed to finishing all the projects that have been sidelined, I’m also wondering if now is the right time to go full-steam ahead with the business. I spend a minimum of 10 hours per day/four days a week wearing my school uniform, and that number’s going to grow in the next 15 months. Micah’s due the first week of August (though if a recent dream means what I think it means, he’ll be arriving sooner than expected). Plus, in this whirlwind of events, I’ve gotten my old writing mojo back. Can’t say I’ve been writing up as big a storm as I’ve been studying, but it feels so. unbelievably. good to get the old tingles just by putting a story down on paper.

NOTE: This new story just happens to be crazy-influenced by my time here in the Philippines, so writing it makes me feel extra purposeful. This is extremely important since all of my friends back home have been making huge life changes that I’m not around to share in, and I need to be constantly reminded why I’m away from them. I shed a lot of tears over all the awesomeness that I’m missing out on.

ANYWAY. It’s summertime in the Philippines, which usually isn’t cause for me to bat a lash. I’m almost done with my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, though, and like I said, I’ve been gaining way too much weight. [You’re supposed to gain 25-35 lbs throughout the whole pregnancy; I’ve already gained 40 lbs and I’m only 2/3 of the way done.] This means that I’m positively sweltering in the tropical heat. Like, I take a cold shower, and the second I step outside of the bathroom, I’m drenched in sweat.

Riley’s as much a as sweetheart now as ever. Thing is, though, he isn’t talking yet. He’s 20 months old, and honestly, even though I know that most kids are talking by this age, I’m not really worried – and that makes me wonder if I’m not being proactive enough. That’s the way it goes, though, right? Either you’re too involved or you’re not involved enough with your kids. *sigh*


Funny feeling in my gut today. I just want to sit on a deserted beach somewhere, under an umbrella, and watch the waves crash.


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