No shame in my game.

I was just FB messaged by a friend who’s graduated from my current school. We talked about life and our plans for the next five years, and when I mentioned that what I’d really, really like to happen is to only ever be a part-time nurse because I’m too busy getting paid for my amazing writing, he was offended. Here he is, in the Philippines, already having gone through 4+ years of school; he’s gone through hell to pass his board exam and become a licensed RN; AND he still can’t find work as a nurse, aka his profession of choice. And here I am, doing what I do, acing all of my classes, and not even planning on making nursing into my lifetime career.

While we’re on the privileged tip, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Ever since Rob left, I rarely cook. I’ve gotten my aunt, the semi-retired chef, to teach Joy, our bumbling but kind-hearted maid, how to make a bunch of entrees. Now, all I need to do is put the week’s menu on the fridge, give Joy grocery money, and eat when the food’s cooked. The house has also never been so spic and span, and now that my semester is thisclose to being done, all I have to concentrate on is Riley, Baby #2, writing, editing, and staying in touch with Rob.

I’m privileged. I know that and I own it. But I swear, if anyone calls me spoiled, they’ll have my foot up their ass.


One response to “No shame in my game.

  1. Maybe he needs help in writing his resume or something.

    You know where you’re at. The common problem with people and their ambitions is that they don’t.

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