My glass is half-empty.

Rob’s mom has been in the hospital for the past two days, and I’m worried sick over it. Still not sure how worried I should be, since reports about how she’s doing conflict. Is this muy serious, or merely a bout of food poisoning? Rob and I don’t know whose report to trust, and he’s decided to assume the best and let his aunt and uncle handle the situation. I’m following suit since my nerves and immune system are too frayed to do anything else.

Right about now is when my self-deprecation and feelings of uselessness chisel holes straight through my soul.


One response to “My glass is half-empty.

  1. you may have read on my Tumblr that im exploring a buddhist lifestyle. you might seek solace in some of the stuff they write over on i’ve always pictured you to be someone who can take on any obstacle with a smile but honey, we know that ain’t always the truth for everyone. so my advice to you is to remember that you have the power to overcome anything you’re faced with…and you won’t always be smiling but that’s okay. you are in possession of an instant smile maker. im pretty sure your baby boy can put one on your face whenever you should need it ;D

    please stay strong and keep me posted. i honestly hope that you do need to come to the states because i would be ecstatic to see you and hang with you 😀

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