It’s 2:04 a.m., and in six hours, I take my biochemistry midterm, aka a test that I haven’t yet studied for. Rob and my brother are picking up Rob’s mom from the airport as I type. Riley just went back to sleep after three long, agonizing hours of letting him cry it out. [NOTE: This requires a post of its own, but basically, Riley’s fallen off the sleep-train wagon. Big time.]  My plan? To stay up until they return from the airport, be a good pseudo-daughter-in-law/hostess and make sure that Rob’s mom is settled and okay, and then sleep for however long it will take to reach 6 o’clock. Then, make/eat breakfast, send Joy out for some fresh bread and coconut juice, myself all fresh and clean, and head to school to study and take exams.

This weekend, we’re going to Baguio, which is a city that’s – I think? – about an 8 hour drive away from where we live. Rob’s mom is originally from there, and I’m hoping that we’ll come back on Tuesday night with a nanny for Riley, since 1) I’m having tough luck finding one here, 2) People in Baguio speak English!, 3) I hear it’s better to get someone who’s even indirectly related to you (as in, via Rob’s mom), and 4) Did I mention: People in Baguio speak English!

Usually, I wouldn’t take this trip, seeing as I’ll be taking two days off from work and school to do it, and I can’t risk missing more than one quiz without jeopardizing my grades big time. (READ: Damn this education system and constantly quizzing us on what we know.) But seeing as I’ve gotten the green light from my major teachers, I’m going!

This is where all the plans come in.

Rob leaves for New York in about a month. The next month (March), my semester ends and I make a trip to the States. When I come back, two weeks later, I start my summer semester of classes, where I finally work as a nurse student nurse!

Three months of summer go by (one of which will be marked by an eagerly anticipated visit from Her Awesomeness via Cali), and it’s June. And nope, that wasn’t a typo. The Filipino summer starts in March.

By the time I start my second official-official year as a nursing student, I’ll be about 8 weeks away from popping out Baby #2. I’ll be busy keeping myself afloat with family, studying, doing my clinicals, going to class, working, and the household. And just when I think I’ve got everything under control, Baby #2 will make his/her appearance and drive me into a state of chaos I’ve only ever fantasized about. Because make no mistake: Me and chaos? We’re best buds who occasionally bump uglies in the best ways possible.

Don’t worry. Rob knows. And though he doesn’t quite understand, he’s completely supportive.


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