It’s the ides of January, and I’m nursing a cold. Riley’s just gotten over a slight fever that lasted a couple of days. Rob’s laid up in bed with a worse version of my stuffy nose and lethargy. And in the next week, everything’s going to change.

Not only will we get over this round of sickness, but Rob’s mom arrives from New York, I have midterms, and my search for a nanny goes into hyper overdrive. It’s about four weeks till Rob leaves for the States, and because there is no daycare or babysitting here, I have to find a nanny to watch my little guy while I’m at school. The position is a live-in one, which means that the nanny will be rooming with Joy in the downstairs maid’s quarters. It also means that I’m hoping we get someone whose appetite doesn’t resemble that of a dinosaur.

I’ve contacted several domestic worker agencies in the hope that they get me what I need: A mature and responsible woman in her 30s (at least) who has had extensive experience caring for babies and toddlers. She must be hard-working, fast-learning, and know English fairly well. (The latter means that if I tell her to do something, not only will she understand the words coming out of my mouth, but she’ll pick up on subtle commands as to how the task should be done.) Oh, and it would be awesome if she could cook.

These days, my schedule looks like this:

4 a.m. – Wake up. Wash dishes, cook breakfast and lunch. Get dinner ready to be cooked when I get home. Edit papers. Write. Clean up upstairs. Walk the dog. Eat breakfast. Set up lunchbox of healthy snacks/meals. Shit, shower, and shave. Brush teeth. Riley wakes up, so we brush his teeth. Feed Riley as we watch MTV, CNN and BBC. Go to school for most of the day. [Rob takes care of the rest of Riley’s routine.]

Sometime in the afternoon – Finish editing papers, cleaning, cooking. Feed Riley. Bathe Riley. Study. Do homework. Write. Wow, it’s already 8 p.m. and I’m exhausted! Somehow, though, between work, school, spending time with Rob and Riley, taking care of my brother, and handling household responsibilities, I don’t sleep until around 10 p.m. I’m just lucky it’s that early; Rob lets me sleep and he takes over whatever needs to get done. He usually doesn’t get to sleep until 3 or 4 a.m.

That’s pretty much us in a nutshell.

We have tons to get done in the next two months, including figuring out why the hell my transcript never came from my first college, figuring out if we have to get married in order for Baby #2 to be American, and quite possibly taking a trip to the States in order to tie the knot. Also, I start my clinicals, break in a new nanny, and wrap my brain around the reality of being a mom of two.

This is a lot to digest, and in the meantime, while I’m wrestling with all of these issues, I figure I’m going to backtrack a few months. Not only do I have many, many adorable pictures of Riley that have never seen the light of the internet, but there have been a few issues here and there that I’d like to touch on. Like my new-found habit of mending burnt bridges with earnest and apologetic emails, and the freedom of letting my vegetable garden dry out.

I’ve gotta keep at the grind if I don’t want to fall behind. In the meantime, though, I hope you’re all doing well.

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