Welcome, 2011!

If the last couple of posts were an indication of anything, it’s that my brain is frazzled from being confronted with essays. For the past year and some change, I’ve been engaged in the confusing and fulfilling task of learning Tagalog, which is that much harder because it uses a completely different set of grammar rules than the one I’m used to. Now that I’m editing essays for a living*, I’m forced to seamlessly switch off between the two languages and holy crackwhore, it’s hard for a beginner!

That said, 2010 was a bevy of accomplishments. I finished my first unofficial year as a nursing student, gained traction in my writing, figured out this mommy business, and started to focus on finishing my goals. I won’t start naming the goals (as I’ve taken to keeping them under wraps until they’re actually completed) but suffice it to say, they’re alive and thriving and 2010 was the turning point to all that.

2011 will be a major extension of the progress I’ve made. Things are popping and blossoming and making my panties wet, and I’m beside myself with excitement and enthusiasm. I just need to keep my head down and my wits in place, and keep at the grind. Everything’s happening, people. Everything’s happening.

*I use the term “for a living” very loosely, as I get if I’m lucky two or three per week.

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