Vacation, all I ever wanted.

I’m officially on vacation till January 3rd. At that point, I’ll have 2 weeks of class until midterms. Rob’s mom arrives at the same time that I’m taking my midterms. Then, about a month after that, I take pre-final exams and Rob goes back to the States.

Things are winding down here, as I’m taking the time to veg out with Rob and Riley. There’s been a lot that I want to share with you guys, but I’ve been drunk off of love. Take for instance two nights ago, when Riley pooped in his diaper, and I went to wash his butt in the bathtub. Turns out, he wasn’t done pooping, and while hard little Milkdud-like turds were bouncing onto the blue tub, Riley started dancing. Rob just turned to me and busted out laughing, and even though I was mortified at the scene, I couldn’t help but share in the laughter. We were hysterical, Rob and I, leaning on each other as tears blurred our vision and Riley looked on, happy as he danced in water and poop. That right there is pure joy.

Then, tonight, as we walked home from a party, there was a lady sitting casually on an elevated part of the sidewalk, a gun in her hand. She seemed to be cleaning it. Right there, in the dark, just casually, like she was reading a book or stopping to smell the sampagitas. Rob and I exchanged worried glances and gripped Riley a little more tightly, and I couldn’t help but think, Thank goodness I haven’t pissed anyone off. Those bullets could’ve been meant for us.

Strange, the things that happen on any given day…

I’ve missed you guys and I’ll totally fill you in on all the excitement that’s been going on with me. Right now, though, I have a movie date with two handsome gentlemen.

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