Next to godliness.

Close-up of Riley brushing his teeth.

At 15 months old, Riley has learned the importance of good dental hygiene realized how yummy toothpaste can be.

Trying out a "big boy" toothbrush.

My mom bought him a cute, colorful starter toothbrush that fit perfectly into his little hands (he’s ambidextrous at this point), and he hated it. He wanted a toothbrush that looked more like Mommy’s toothbrush. That’s just the way Riley is: He wants to be a big boy.

Brushing his teeth while watching TV.

Of course, Riley isn’t perfectly coordinated yet, and he still needs help brushing his teeth correctly. Sometimes, he holds the toothbrush awkwardly, and sometimes he forgets he’s brushing his teeth and tries to talk while the toothbrush is still hanging out of his mouth.

This kid loves to brush his teeth.

But honestly, I’m kind of grateful for all that. He’s only 15 months old, and so advanced for his age in so many ways. My baby’s growing up way too fast.


2 responses to “Next to godliness.

  1. holy fuck riley is a giant. what happened? omigosh… he looks like he’s 4!!!!!

  2. LOL! RIGHT?! He’s up to my hip. If only he could talk in full sentences already! 😦

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