Adventures in baking.

My first banana cake.

I’m a perfectionist at heart. That’s why, for the past three months, I’ve been making a banana cake (or two) nearly ever week. Bananas are in abundant supply over here, and an awesome source of potassium, so we buy them all the time. Problem is, once the peels start blackening, no one in the house wants to touch them.

Or maybe that’s not a problem at all. Ya know, since it gives me an excuse to pretend like I’m a contestant on Top Chef, aka my latest television obsession. In an attempt to save money, and also because I’m too lazy to go to markets in the search for ingredients, I use whatever I find in my cupboard. And I bake my little heart out.

So. That banana cake up there? It was deeelicious. BUT. It had the texture of a chewy brownie. Chalk that up to using some baking flour and A LOT of rice flour. Then over-stirring. It definitely wasn’t light as a feather, and I’m sure I was just lucky it wasn’t stiff as a board. [Aside: When I was in junior high school, my BFFs and I were completely obsessed with The Craft. But that’s a story for another day.]

The reason I used the rice flour? We had A LOT of it.

See, when my mom was visiting, she was also cooking, which was awesome because my mom can throw. it. down. in the kitchen. But after she left, we realized that there were oddities in our cupboard, things we didn’t know what to do with. Things like roasted and salted, crushed peanuts.

Now, if they were whole roasted, salted peanuts, I’d totally be snacking on them. But as they were… I just couldn’t fathom what to do with them. Make them into polvoron? Lumpia sariwa? Kare kare? They were too salty to add into polvoron, and they would only be used as a topping for lumpia sariwa. I’m still keeping some in a vacuum-sealed container to be used for kare-kare.

But how about the rest? After saving the appropriate portion for lumpia sariwa and kare-kare, there was still a lot more left over. (When my family does anything, we do it big. Even shopping. For roasted and salted, crushed peanuts. Apparently.)

This is what I did with them:

My first batch of peanut (butter?) cookies.

I ended up making about 4-5 dozen cookies, and they were gone like the wind in about a day and a half. This, even though my brother rarely eats baked goods, Rob doesn’t like sweets, and Riley can sometimes be an uber-picky eater.

All in all, pretty awesome, right? Only… just like the banana cake I’d made, the only “recipe” I used came from my gut. And I didn’t bother to write any of it down. So I don’t think I can duplicate the cookies.

It’s okay. There’s a guy that comes around every night, selling roasted and salted peanuts. I can always try again. If I’m lucky, the next batch may not turn out the same; it could turn out even better.


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