Another reason I’ll never be a professional blogger.

Things are starting to wind down for me again, and isn’t that the way things go? Up and down and up and down, I mean? For a while I was good at writing posts pretty regularly, but now, as I’m gearing up for big things with my fiction, and mulling over the option of adopting another puppy, and trying to get pregnant, and kicking ass at school, and getting my editing business afloat – well, right now I feel the inevitable backpedaling that’s going to happen with this here blog.

I have so many ideas for kick-ass posts, but the second I come on here, I just don’t have the feverish need to give those stories the appropriate syntax or arch. Not here, at least. Talk to me on Skype or via Gchat or on the phone, and that’s a little different. But on here? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I only get 30 or 40 hits every day, and I’m starting to believe they’re from the same four people (who I talk to fairly regularly). Or maybe it’s because I don’t think I’m communicating with all the people I want to be communicating with through this particular medium. Or maybe my writing is growing in fiction, and by the time I get to blogging, I’ve got no more to give.

I’m not sure what it is, but I definitely feel something in the water. There’s an unmistakable shift. Something that’s… lacking. Maybe I need to find more of a blogging community? Maybe I should join some forums instead? Maybe I- Meh. Whatever it is, it’ll pass and then get labeled. For now, consider this my official notice of hiatus. See ya on the flip side!


4 responses to “Another reason I’ll never be a professional blogger.

  1. I know the feeling. I think inspiration just hits when it’s least convenient. The test is hanging on to that fever for when you can sit down and write it all out. I’ve failed on that, too.

    But I’ve even stopped on the idea of official hiatuses (sp? Grammar?) because I’ll still return when I want to. If it helps, sometimes putting on a specific itunes playlist brings back the need to write because it resets the mood to where I need it and the words to start flowing again?

  2. Excellent suggestion with the playlist! Thanks, Honey! I’ma definitely try that 🙂

  3. i have:

    * a sexy time play list
    * an artsy fartsy indie/lounge/electronica playlist
    * a 90’s pop playlist (yes. yes. it DOES include boybands and britneys)
    * a norah jones-ey/jazzy/soul type playlist
    * a hallmark, make me teary, emo playlist

    depending on the mood i’m going for. 😀

    gotta set the mood!

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