Interpreter wanted.

This is what I dreamt two nights ago: A humongous tidal wave was coming toward me, and sharks were the masterminds that created it. Their goal was to submerge all of the land underwater, so that they could kill all the mammals. I swam to meet with the leader, who was this guy:

Bruce the shark, from Finding Nemo.

I asked Bruce, the animated shark from Finding Nemo, why he wanted to kill all the mammals, and he told me it’s because he’s jealous of the immense pleasure that we get from having sex.

And somehow, this made sense to me, and I pretty much resigned myself to my fate. From now on, Sharks are going to try to kill me and my loved ones because of our capacity to find pleasure from sex. No big deal. We can swim really fast.

I kind of shrugged it off and thanked Bruce for the information. Then the dream ended.

Now, somebody tell me: What in the flying fish was that all about? I mean, other than an obvious indication that I have to stop reading Finding Nemo books to Riley before bedtime.


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