The deadline is in February.

For what?

For carrying around another embryo, bitches!

That’s right. Rob and I talked things over, and we’re ready to have another one, or set of multiples, or a baby dropped at our doorstep. You get the idea. The question is: Is the universe ready for another addition to the Blond Kings Clan?

Here’s the thing: Now that we’re both on board and want another baby, I’m trying really hard not to overthink this because odds are, if I do, I won’t get pregnant. That’s how it goes, right? You stress over it and stress over it and stress over it, and go at it like angry rabbits on a schedule, and nothing comes of it but rugburn and disappointment. Or so I’ve heard.

So I’m keeping it mellow. Letting things unfold naturally. Relaxing and having fun with our trio. And around the 10th day of my cycle, if I just happen to get a little bit more enthusiastic about doing the nasty, that’s just a coincidence.

I swear.



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