On body image and style.

Taken at Brooklyn College, circa Summer 1996.

Back in '96, when I had 36DDs...


These days, with 38C's, more style, and lots of body issues.

Okay. So. A number of things are going through my head right now, like the need to tell y’all that this shirt isn’t the only thing in my closet that’s seriously old. I have a tank top that I’ve worn since I was 2. Yeah, go ahead and read that again. It’s a 100% cotton yellow tank top that my aunt bought for me in the Philippines, with yellow lace fringe. The last time I wore it was circa 2002, as a belly shirt, with crazy-tight ripped jeans and rainbow suspenders. I’m now saving it for my future daughter(s).

The other thing that I’m thinking is: How come my boobs look the same? I mean, two cup sizes are supposed to do something, right? And I know for a fact that my boobies are a lot smaller than they were before I got pregnant. So, um, huh? Are the angles deceiving? Or do those two inches really make that much of a difference?

Why does this matter? Well, for the greater part of my life, and for most of my adult life, I was the smoking hot Asian chick with the hourglass figure to kill for. Nice ass, huge tits, and slender everywhere else. Then, I got knocked up, had a baby, and got pretty damn skinny, all around.

I know, I know. Cry you a river. Thing is, that was my identity, ya know? I’ve spent my whole life knowing what to wear to accentuate my best features (plunging neck lines, and all-around curve-hugging sexiness), and now that I don’t have much of a figure to show off, that stuff just makes me look like I’m trying too hard.

So I’m starting from scratch. Just the basics, really. Figuring out what works for me, my body, and my style. And working it.

I’m currently in love with suspenders and hats, and completely engrossed in designing earrings.


2 responses to “On body image and style.

  1. “And now all I have are 38Cs!!”

    *looks down at 34A-and-a-halfs*

    bitch?…………… *flips table over and leaves

    maybe cuz you’re still proportional n shit

  2. LOL! I ❤ you and your 34 A-and-a-halfs.

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