The Gremlin’s at the Internet Cafe.

In our house, I’m known as The Gremlin. Whenever I touch anything electronic, it malfunctions and/or breaks.

Riley’s known as Gremlin, Jr., only we should probably call him Gremlin II because his “powers of destruction” are at least twice as bad as mine.

And that’s the short version of why I probably won’t be on the internet for a while. As of 9:55 a.m. this morning, as I was putting the finishing touches on a report that was due at 11 a.m.*, my laptop went kaput. Now it won’t even turn on.

Hopefully, we can get it repaired or replaced this weekend.

* I’m heading home to eat lunch. Hopefully, Rob’s at least retrieved the file and saved it on a memory stick… Otherwise, I’ll be starting the report from scratch.

2 responses to “The Gremlin’s at the Internet Cafe.

  1. Aw oh dear that sucks. Yikes. I hated when that happened to me while I was in school. Panic attacks were aplenty.

  2. Word… I’ve missed you, boo. Home life’s been erratic and I haven’t been online as much as I’d like 😦

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