I started a business.

I’m editing academic and work essays, theses, dissertations, personal statements, application essays, resumes, cover letters, et al.

So far, advertising is limited to this blog and several people on Facebook, and even though the regular semester hasn’t started yet in the States, I’ve gotten a bunch of jobs. Yay, me! I’m thinking it has something to do with my rate: 1 – 5 pages for $5.00 per page; 6 – 10 pages for $4.50 per page; 11 – 20 pages for $4.00 per page; 21 pages and up for $3.50 per page. Seeing as the economy is bad, my audience is made up of people who aren’t working or not working in high-salaried jobs, and I’m not looking to make boatloads of money from this venture, I figure it’s cool to charge so little. I’m just afraid that people will see low cost and think bad quality.

Holla at me if you need my services! Payments accepted via PayPal.

One response to “I started a business.

  1. Your prices are certainly reasonable, but unfortunately, in the world of online writing jobs, rates are absurdly low. I wrote about this on my business blog recently, http://www.marcysbookbuster.wordpress.com, under “Cyber Writing” or somesuch title. Some people offer like $1.00 an article! So be assured, I don’t think they’ll see your prices and think “Low quality.” Good luck.

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