Random fantasy that proves I’m crazy.

I have a confession that proves that I’m not as green and not as sane as I’d like people to believe: I want, like, 9 kids. Preferably in a 7 year time period.

I have a list of names ready: all of them 5 letters long and androgynous (see: Riley). I even have a growing list of middle names, because family members deserve their name being passed down and Calliope and Xiomara are kick-ass but don’t observe the 5-letter/androgynous rule.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like Rob and I are working towards 9 kids, and I wouldn’t want to pop out nine slimy-cute little human parasites from my happy place. But with adoption, and maybe a multiple birth or two? If I had the money, I’d do it in a heart beat.


5 responses to “Random fantasy that proves I’m crazy.

  1. LOL I can totally relate! I wanted 15, he wasnted 2, we settled for 4. In fact I’d still go for more, maybe 8… but my husband won’t have a bar of it. Probably a good thing because neither would my body. Still…I sit and dream.

  2. Rob wants to have only one kid, and I’m all “Dude, we MUST continue to procreate because… BECAUSE I WANT TO, DAMMIT.” No word yet on how many he’s willing to offer up the life-making juice for, but we’ve decided to have at least two more LOL

  3. Hey, that’s more than one more…you win lol.

  4. LOL… SON
    grins.. my girl went from being a liberal down&dirty activist dominatrix to an a+ middle class nurse with 9 babies…

    *hugs tightly*

  5. @ Chavah – I like how your mind works! 😉

    @ Jess – LOL I can’t help but feel over the hill on some days… Like, today, the hottest guy in my class said, “If I was 10 years older, I’d totally ask you out.” Why, you ask, would he say such a thing? CUZ I’M A DECADE OLDER THAN HIM. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in. SMH

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