Every time I open my mouth, I feel like I’m bragging.

I feel like I’ve run out of things to say on here, and when I say that, I don’t mean that there are no more unique ideas going through my brain, or that my life has become a giant blob of boring, or that there aren’t any noteworthy things happening to me.

What I mean is, my life, as crazy and hectic as it is, is pretty perfect. Doing a good job with mothering and partnering? Check. Awesome relationships with family and friends? Check. Kicking ass at work and school? Check. Taking the time to improve and work on my writing and other creative projects? Check.

I never really have time to sit back and evaluate how I’m doing, but right now, as I take a break from studying nursing theory (which, by the way, is considered a grad school class in the States), I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Reasons to pat myself on the back:

  • Riley’s first birthday is in two months. We’ve made it through this leg of parenting! Woo-hoo! … And we’re in the beginning stages of planning the next baby.
  • Rob and I are paying off our debts and gaining major financial footing. I’m bringing home the bacon, Rob’s up for an awesome job, and while we’re waiting for Rob to join me on the Money Express, our folks are helping us out. Hooray for our parents, their financial hindsight, and Rob’s trust fund!
  • Several mini vacations are booked, all in various parts of the Philippines: Cebu, Puerta Galera, and  Baguio. Also, we have the budget for a Japanese adventure/vacation saved up, but right now our work and class schedules are too full to accommodate the awesomeness.
  • Making headway on a short story collections about domming. The first drafts of three stories are done. Setting them aside to work on other writing projects.
  • Thanks to the magic of creams and water treatments, the dark bags under my eyes are quickly disappearing, and my hair has stopped falling out. I’m getting more compliments on my skin than I’ve ever had in my life. And thanks to healthy eating, lots of play time with Riley, and copious amounts of sex, I’m looking super duper bangin’ these days. Photographic proof to follow shortly.

What does a girl blog about when life is this good?


2 responses to “Every time I open my mouth, I feel like I’m bragging.

  1. oooh what water treatments & creams?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY.. omg its really been a year?

  2. Pond’s makes a line of whitening products. It’s really for Asians who wanna look as Caucasian as possible, but since I’m already pasty for a Pinay, all it does is even out my skin tone and erase my eye bags… The water treatment is some chemical thingy that my brother put into our water supply so that it’s more like NYC water. Double YAY! cuz not only was the water causing my hair to fall out, but it was making Rob break out in rashes.

    Riley turns one on August 5th – like 6 weeks away! Crazy, huh?

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