Brain farts and other flatulence.

Unrelated topics that are on the tip of my mind:

  • We have a new nanny.
  • I ❤ intelligent women. Especially if they are/were in the sex industry.
  • I desperately need to shower. Stank is even stankier in the tropics.
  • Perhaps I should revise the “About Me” section on this here blog?
  • Should Rob work or go to school? (It’s not possible to do both at the same time over here.)
  • I would really like to transfer schools in the near future.
  • Sex, I miss you!
  • A recent discovery: Blogs on TumblR that I abso-fucking-lutely love… God, I’m sooo behind on everything.
  • Time to write! Gosh, I’ve missed you!
  • Why the hell is Riley waking up at 1 a.m. every morning? Is he getting another tooth?
  • Must fix Blackberry, laptop, and electrical stove.
  • Does anyone know of sure-fire ways to get rid of puffy eye circles? I’m looking a bit like Uncle Fester these days.
  • Where the fuck are the dresses I ordered from Facebook 3 weeks ago?!
  • No, that was not a typo. I ordered dresses from a profile on Facebook.
  • I wanna go back to being a red-head. I need a change.
  • Got a haircut. It’s aiight. Standard Asian layered look. Just happy most of the damage got cut.
  • My vegetable garden withered and died before I got to replant the veggies in the backyard. Damn tropical heat!
  • Confession: I’m only up to the 3rd season of Lost. Looking forward to catching up.
  • I wonder if Six Feet Under will still give me chills after all these years?
  • *Light bulb!* Just got an idea for a short story.
  • Dude, I’m waaaay behind on movie-watching.
  • The Philippines is surprisingly up on what’s hot on the States-side music scene.
  • I’ve been craving clothes. But everything I want is waaayyy too fancy to wear around here. *le sigh*
  • Riley loves Amy’s Organic lentil soup. But it gives him terrible gas.
  • What are we gonna eat for lunch?
  • I’m pretty sure, if I transfer schools, I’m gonna be a lot happier here. People I click with, an actual campus to explore, and being near a mall/park that I like. Excellent.
  • I need to buy Riley more clothes and books.
  • I miss our cat in New York.
  • Six pack, toned back, muscular arms… *drool* God, Rob’s hot.
  • We need our own car.
  • I need to go out drinking with my cousin tonight.
  • Shit. Rob’s aunt goes back to Brooklyn today and we never even called her while she was here. Shit!

2 responses to “Brain farts and other flatulence.

  1. preparation h for undereye circles!

  2. Coolio. I’ma try it out and tell you if it works. Plus, I found a cream that’s lightening the area, so YAY! Hope the two don’t have any strange chemical reactions with each other :-/

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