Behind the scenes.

I’m sick, and never before have I been this tired. I wonder if what I’m feeling is the impetus of that saying, if the brain of the person who coined that term burned more calories than a marathon runner’s calves (just as, I’m sure, my brain is doing). I also wonder what’s caused me to feel this run-down.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I’ve been an annoyingly bubbly cacophony of happiness and joy these past few weeks. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m not usually like this. I’ve been riding this high, enjoying it for all it’s worth, and loving it.

My bubble is about to burst. I can feel the water tension about to pop!, the inevitable merging of safety and spontaneity looming like a shadow, the necessary quick spurts to resolution becoming tangible and real.

Rob is studying for a spelling test.* Riley has a diaper full of oily turds.** My brother and I have registered for another grueling semester of nursing school in the Philippines. And an unnatural calm has descended upon me. This, my friends, is the proverbial calm before the shitstorm.

* Part of getting a job at a call center. Yup, that’s right: for our RL friends who have debts, if the debt collector happens to sound like Rob, it probably is him.***

** Riley’s pediatrician says that he’s eating enough, but that the foods I’m giving him lack calories, so she’s suggested I add vegetable oil to his veggies. His diet consists of the following: organic meats and veggies; non-processed biscuits, whole grain breads and cereals; lots of tofu, beans, sprouts, and milk. Oh, and water. So basically, what she’s saying is that he eats too healthily?

*** Did I mention that I currently have about $10K worth of debt that I’m paying off? Can you say irony?


6 responses to “Behind the scenes.


    Girl, you know our food. HAHA. Organic and oil-free are filipino SINS.

  2. thats gross. a pediatrician recommended vegetable oil? seriously? of all the oils? lol

    dont do it man…

  3. LOL jess. that’s the philippines for you.

  4. LOL @ you two! Riley turned 10 months old today and the doc says he’s tall for his age, but skinny. I’m not too worried, since it’s normal (Rob’s crazy-skinny. And at this age, kids normally lose weight or stay the same weight), but I *am* a little worried. So I’ve been adding some olive oil to his veggies.

    I’m not sure what to credit with the doc’s oil suggestion: culture or medical training…?

  5. i would say it’s both in the philippines. the medical training there is pregnant with our culture. At least… it’s what I sense from my own experiences with our doctors. Our medical doctors often have doubled as witch doctors. From colds to stomach aches, to fevers that were apparently caused by an angry wood gnome… I’ve seen crazy things diagnosed.

    And cured! o_0

  6. Oooohhh!!! I wanna hear about the weird things cured! Especially if it can help with my hair situation, cuz if more of it comes out I’m gonna start looking like a chemo patient. 😦 (I’m pretty sure it’s an adverse effect of the water.)

    LOL @ angry wood gnome! Nope, Riley goes to a fancy-pants hospital; his doc graduated from a top American med school and everything. I’m thinking she’s not a huge fan of the occult… But this weight thing? I dunno. I feel like lots of Filipinos think “fat kids” means “well-fed kids” means “healthy kids” and I’m looking at it from the super-cautious American viewpoint of “fat” means “may become obese”. *shrugs*

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