The one where I say “HOLY CRACKWHORE!” a lot.

Riley’s nanny went on vacation more than a month ago. She was supposed to have fun for three weeks then head back. Instead, the day before she was supposed to get back, she texted me to let me know she was waiting for money. Who exactly was supposed to be giving her money to come back, Idon’tfuckingknow because we gave her almost P10,000 (two months’ advance in salary AND THEN SOME), and HOLYCRACKWHORE, WHATTHEFUCKDOESSHEMEANSHENEEDSMORE?!

Since then, we’ve debated replacing her because obviously she’s just trying to get more cash out of us and that would be so not cool.

But then, if she came back, we could simply pay her in peanuts and kwek-kwek until her debt was paid off.

No, that would be indentured servitude, which is bad. We can’t do that… Right?

No, really. I’m asking. And by “can’t”, I mean “shouldn’t”. Because obviously we could pay her in food. This is the Philippines; it’s not like people observe laws or anything here.


Rob has a job interview in a couple of days and I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that things turn out favorably. If gets the job, there are a couple of things we have to worry about, like his illegal alien status/in-limbo Filipino citizenship, the fact that he doesn’t understand or speak any Tagalog, and the question of how he’s going to get to work. Also, our plan still includes him getting a nursing degree, and working only sets that plan back, which means that instead of four years, we might end up staying here for five years. Or six years. Or HOLY CRACKWHORE, Riley might already be in puberty when we get back to the States.

This is the part where I say “We’ll worry about the details after he’s gotten a job.”

For now, I’m concentrating on the positives: A job would definitely be a good thing. Not only would it mean more money, but also more confidence for Rob, a social outlet for him, and a source of self-worth and pride. I want all of those things for him, and if that means staying here for a couple more years, then so be it.

Holy crackwhore, I hope I don’t regret typing those words.


School starts in three weeks, and I’m looking forward to the crunch of time and brain cells. I crave knowledge. I love being challenged. I miss liberal arts, but I realize that it will always be there, waiting for me, awaiting my return, just as useful to my desired future as it is right now. So it can wait while I soak up medical knowledge.

I’ve cut down on writing for cash, and I’m not sure which of my gigs will still have me since taking a slight hiatus. It’s been hard balancing everything out, and especially challenging since I’ve been given the opportunity to veg out with Rob and Riley and do really sweet things that belong in artsy dramatic comedies. Rob will do something like write “I love you” on the windows using baby wipes, and draw my eye to the windows at the exact moment that the sun makes his words noticeable, and I realize just how good I have it and how much I’d rather be a cheesy cornball than a responsible freelance writer.

But I know that we’re going to need the money very soon and I’ll be kicking myself (maybe) for that decision…

Okay, maybe not.

I don’t think I could ever regret the last few weeks… even if they mean starting from scratch with a job hunt.

Life’s just too short to sweat the small stuff.


Other randomness:

  • I want a puppy. A girl, so I can name her “Karma.”
  • My cousin, Faye, has only paid me back 2/3 of what she borrowed.
  • My hair is falling out and my eye bags are cah-razy. 😦
  • I’m thinking about running a marathon.
  • I have to start eating more often and taking vitamins.
  • Went on a mini shopping spree. Bought a lot of cute clothes and realized only after spending my fashion budget that I hadn’t bought any shoes. 😦
  • It only took five years and a baby, but my waist is FINALLY slimmer than Rob’s. 🙂
  • I have to secure a babysitter for Riley so that Rob and I can enjoy some after-hours fun with my cousin while he’s visiting the Philippines.
  • Holy crackwhore, a NICE haircut is, like, $1.25. I fucking love it here. 🙂

4 responses to “The one where I say “HOLY CRACKWHORE!” a lot.

  1. We have a dog named Karma! She’s probably the coolest dog I know

  2. 🙂 Glad to know such a bad-ass name lives up to its awesomeness.

  3. haha yea it’s so cheap there. how much did you end up spending on your shopping spree? (sometimes those things add up the same in dollars depending on where you shop, huh…)

    and whoa… that sucks about your nanny. wth man. are you going to speak to her again to determine what she meant by that?

    tsk tsk. man, you are a strong and determined woman. i don’t know if i’d be able to go back home to do what you’re doing. maybe if i was in the middle of building a family. i just feel like i’ve grown too far away from the philippines to ever go back and live at home for good…

  4. Dude, I spent like $100US on 3 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts (supposedly from American Eagle?), and a bunch of tank tops. I’m having a hard time finding ish that fits over my ass, but other than that, shopping’s been awesome over here.

    Yuppers. Riley’s nanny basically screwed us over. I’m still not sure what to do. School starts in 2 weeks, and if we don’t find a replacement (and Rob lands this job) I’ll be forced to rehire her. I’m torn. I like her a lot, actually. I just don’t like her attitude when it comes to money…

    Aww, thanks. 🙂 Trust me, though. Start a family and see what you *wouldn’t* do for them.

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