Riley’s nanny has it good.

Job description: Being on-call to take care of a growing baby boy (currently 9 months old). Light to moderate cooking and cleaning on a semi-regular basis, i.e., cook dinner once a week.

Pay: Reasonable.

Perks: At least one month’s paid vacation per year; one day off per week; most nights off; birthday and holiday bonuses; your own living quarters; constant dining out; three healthy and delicious meals of your choosing, plus two snacks, provided every day; several all-expense paid trips to awesome vacation spots per year; frequent advances of paycheck; free swag (like cell phones, clothes, make-up, high-end toiletries, etc.); medical and dental included.


This is all to say, Riley’s nanny has been on vacation for a couple of weeks, and she doesn’t get back for another couple of weeks. Add that to Rob’s arrival, and my hands are full with learning how to be a full-fledged family woman.

I miss you guys.



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