I can’t wait till I can post a family picture.

Rob should be here before the month is up; I’ve decided to start carrying around my crappy digital camera; and my brother, who’s up on every tech thing under the sun, has recently been bitten by the photog bug, which is infecting me with the desire to take it up as well.

While baby brother’s looking to buy an uber-expensive state-of-the-art SLR, I’m settling on something a lot less impressive. Due to my inexpensive taste, it looks like I might be purchasing my first SLR in the very near future. It’s a second-hand of a 15-year old model, and I’m focusing on the positive*: taking this opportunity to learn more about the art and history of photography and photographers; getting used to the weight and handling of an SLR; and the price ($80).

Confession time.

I’m a technophobe. Really, I am. I’m not up on any of the new technology, and I’ve never done research about anything with wires and/or electrical components. It’s actually kind of sad and pathetic how little I know about technology. Like, Benjamin Franklin, lightning and a kite with key. I know that has to do with electricity, but does that make it even remotely related to technology? Um, yeah, you see my point. I swear I’m smart. Please don’t unfriend me.

I’m not really sure why I’m so afraid of tackling technology. I’m sure I can devote a few minutes every day to reading up on tech stuff and manage to accumulate some kind of knowledge. But I’d rather ask Rob or my brother for tech advice. Am I being lazy? Yeah, most definitely. Am I keeping technology a “boy’s game” in this house? Uh, yeah, I think I unintentionally am. I’m not exactly proud of that fact, but what can I say? I’d rather leave the tech responsibilities to the technophiles.

*Pun is intentional and corny. 😉


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