High brow: Thass jus how we roll

I pride myself on being able to successfully mix low-brow culture with high-brow culture, and I’m realizing that as of late, I just haven’t had enough of the classy stuff. I miss going gaga over runway couture with the fellow fashion-obsessed; weaving my way through several book parties, art gallery openings, and theatrical opening nights in a single weekend; being in-the-know about current political situations on a city/state/national/global level; feeling invested in never-ending philosophical query; holding my own while arguing pretentiously about what makes a film/book/album/etc. great.

I understand that I can’t be totally enmeshed in any of these aesthetic arenas (“totally” = “how I used to be”), but I miss them so! Last night I had some free time while Riley napped, so I surfed the net from one area of interest to another, and found myself staring at the good taste and great work of my friends/acquaintances/former social circle. And, oh my! I. Am. Impressed.


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