“Think of it like a sending off party.”

That’s what Rob’s mom says about a christening.

I explain to her that I’m against the implications of a christening, namely that our baby is a product of “original sin” and that he’s therefore somehow “in need of cleansing.” She says she understands, but that the christening would just be a sending off party where the baby just happens to have a little water poured on his head. And that we’d get gifts, maybe even monetary gifts.

I have to admit, that last part appeals to me. I like getting gifts, especially when they’re supposed to make motherhood a little easier.

So, despite all of my previous heeing and hawing, I agree on accepting gifts in exchange for watching a priest pour some water on my baby’s head.

Let the hypocrisy begin!

2 responses to ““Think of it like a sending off party.”

  1. Dude. You get stuff? Do you think it’s too late for me to get christened?

    • Nah, man! It’s never too late! Only thing is, you need a core contingent of true believers who are willing to give you stuff. Once you’ve secured those people, you’re golden!

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