There’s only one thing that could improve my life…

And that’s a job for Rob.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a HUGE deal, and it’s not like we’re starving or at a loss for anything. But. Still. We’re depending on our folks to get by, and while I’m totally not above getting help from family, I’d rather not have to do so.

Again, I feel like I need to stress it: It’s not a big deal. I know that people go through ups and downs and that millions of Americans are without jobs. I know that it’s only a matter of time till we’re on our feet and making a really good living. I know that we’re lucky; we have friends and family who support us emotionally and financially, and lessen the load of hardships. I know that all of my material desires are being met; our baby has everything he needs, from diapers to a college fund (a friend got us a one year membership at a diaper delivery service and Rob’s mom has put away five figures for the baby’s future), and I bought myself a whole new maternity wardrobe.

But. Still. This is a huge change for me. I’m not used to having to depend on anyone for my financial well-being, and my ego has taken a huge blow for this. I don’t usually just sit on my ass and let people pick up tabs for my life.

Ya know what though? I’ve gotta admit: It feels good to know I’m loved this much.


2 responses to “There’s only one thing that could improve my life…

  1. See my myspace blog circa 2006-7.

    I’m still adjusting.

  2. I’ll definitely do that, lady!

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