Hello, beautiful bloggers!

I’ve missed you. Really and truly. If it weren’t for the fact that money’s so tight that I had to sit my dad down and say, “Listen, I love watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, too. And believe me, I LOVE having internet access at home, and I’m well aware that NO ONE in this neighborhood has unlocked internet… But we need to eat. So I’m thinking we should cut off cable and internet service, and buy groceries,” then I’d be on here, bombarding all of you with all of the latest tid-bits about my pregnancy, crazy life changes, and sexy flashbacks.

Alas, this is the case. I’m crazy broke. Not so broke that I’m stressing about things, but broke enough that I don’t really go out, unless someone’s agreed in advance to pick up the tab or we’re gonna do something that requires less than $10. Also, I’m reduced to going to the public library once or twice a week, and using their internet. This isn’t so bad, really, except that on more than one occasion, I’ve had to say the words, “Look, honey, I’m technically old enough to be your mom and I’m 5 months pregnant, so I’m thinking you should start stepping.” I never get tired of seeing the guy’s expression – horror, shock, fear, amusement – as they go, “REALLY?!”

Anyway, life’s been good. This pregnancy is such smooth sailing that I sometimes forget that I’m pregnant – ya know, when I’m not running around looking for a restroom, or wondering if I’ve taken my prenatal vitamins already, or stuffing my face like food’s going out of style. It’s been good. And what’s more, life’s been good in general. For example, it took 3 and a half years and a baby, but Rob and I are there, and by there, I mean that place that’s immortalized by Hallmark cards and commercial holidays like Valentine’s Day. It’s a weird emotion, and utterly wonderful, to feel head over heels about someone and have that person feel the same about you.

There have been other developments, ones that will take a lot of time to write about. Por ejemplo, it’s a boy! He’s healthy and normal, and the doc’s pushed the due date to August 12th. We’ve picked out the name Riley Honorio Rubio-Reyes. “Riley” because we couldn’t think of a first name, and when I asked my brother for suggestions, it’s the only one I liked; the more Rob and I talked about it, the more it fit. “Honorio” because it’s Rob’s paternal grandfather’s name; there was a lot of back-and-forth about this because for the longest time, Rob thought that his grandpa’s name was “Horatio”, and we didn’t realize that he was wrong until 2 weeks ago, when I spoke to Rob’s dad on the phone. Truthfully, I’m not crazy about “Honorio” but I promised he could have the middle name (if the baby was a girl, her middle name would’ve been “Elizabeth”, after my mom). And “Rubio-Reyes” because there’s no way in hell that my kid’s not gonna have my last name, at least, not when I’m not married. Rob was gung-ho from the get-go about the baby being a girl, and he readily agreed to hyphen the last name. Ever since we found out we’re having a boy, he’s been singing a different song, saying things like, “But, love, it’s the only way my dad’s gonna have someone to carry on the Reyes name!” Tough.

A lot of you know about my back and forth about living in the Philippines. My folks have a big house over there, and the cost of living is really cheap, compared to in the States (especially New York City). But I’m a born and bred New Yorker, and I’ve been on the one hand very excited about the prospect of learning more about my heritage, and on the other hand railing against the idea of living so far away from everything and everyone I know. Well, Rob and I have recently talked things over, and we’ve made a decision: Riley and I are moving to the Philippines in October. I’ve given up my seat in the nursing school in lieu of a seat at a nursing school in the Philippines. Rob and I have bought most of the baby’s necessities, and have started sending the things the baby won’t need in his first two months – lots of toys, big furniture, etc. – overseas. Rob’s set to work and go to nursing school while Riley and I are gone. And my brother’s interviewing potential nannies (we already have a chauffer and a maid).

My fiction and poetry writing is beyond prolific these days, and I feel like I’m running on all cylinders. I feel like I’ve reached that point in your life that you dream about when you’re little, that time you fantasize about with the words, “When I grow up…” I’m there. I’m living it, and growing and clearing all the hurdles.


3 responses to “Hello, beautiful bloggers!

  1. When I saw that you posted something, my first thought was, “I’ve missed you.” Funny that was your first sentence lol.

    Glad to see things are moving along so well and that you’re all sorts of happy. It’s always nice when someone gets their happily ever after.

    Lovin’ the name Riley! And good luck on your move. xo

  2. Welcome back….I check in all the time, hoping to be able to read more of your writing. I’m glad you’re doing well, and things are coming together. Hope you keep writing, you’re very gifted.

  3. Naomi – Thanks, girlie! I’m really excited to move on to the next stage, whatever that is. Meeting Riley, moving to another country, the whole nine – I. Can’t. Wait.

    Becky – *blush* Thanks for the compliment! I’m definitely gonna start blogging more often from now on, now that I’ve gotten used to lugging my laptop to the library!

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