The Best Revenge Is Living Well

There’s someone talking shit about me. If you’re a regular commenter of this blog, odds are that she’s left a comment on your blog. If you’re a regular reader of blogs, in general, odds are that you’re quizzically staring at her blog and going, “Does she not realize that we’re a community, and no one’s gonna take  her seriously?”

I’ve spoken to Bobby and Maria about this drama, and aside from offering equal doses of ass-kicking and support, they’ve echoed the same sentiment: She’s not worth my time.

I’ve mentioned this drama to my friends, and they laugh it off. “In the blog-world,” Texti cooed, “this kind of drama means you’ve touched fame.”

Rob and I read the website together. We had a shared reaction of, “Is she serious?” Rob even went so far as to say, “She obviously doesn’t know you at all. If she did, she’d know that you say hurtful things about me… to my face. You’re brutally honest, an open book. Nothing she could ever repeat about you is incriminating. Even your boss [at the consulting firm] knew that you were a dom, and she offered her husband as a lawyer, just in case! ”

So there you have it, ladies and gents. It’s official. There is yet another person in the world who, for whatever reason, doesn’t like me.


Alert the media.


3 responses to “The Best Revenge Is Living Well

  1. Are you being blog stalked by a hater? You’ve made it! 😉

  2. I just found it in one of my comments today. I clicked on it and thought, “Okay… what am I reading?”

    I have this saying, ‘Sometimes, your importance to the world is determined by the amount of hatred towards you.’

    Anywaus, I’ll read through it again.

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