Don’t I Lactate, Just Like You?

I mean, ya know, if you’re a pregnant woman?

Because maybe I’m jumping to conclusions or seeing too deeply into the heart of things or being altogether too sensitive, but when I tell you that I’m gonna be a mom, fucking congratulate me and be supportive Goddamnit.

I don’t wanna hear you ask me if I’m ready, or if I’m sure that I’m making the right choice, or if I thought this through. If you were really close to me, I would’ve spoken to you on the subject while I was making my decision. And if you weren’t one of the few closest friends who shared in my decision-making process, then fuck off. You’re not in the inner circle. Be good at being a member of the audience. Have the appropriate reaction, motherfucker.


2 responses to “Don’t I Lactate, Just Like You?

  1. *hugs you tight, kisses you all over your forehead, grabs your face and smiles*

    i love you sweety =)

    but you know those are all normal questions to ask,

    especially when your 20-something year old friend decides to grow up, and step into that scary ass world of responsibility.

    its not a reflection of you. it’s a reflection of them, because they know they’re not ready and they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that someone they know is. nobodys being an asshole; that was a pretty appropriate reaction, considering.

    kisses you again. youre so cute 🙂

  2. that’s a good point, that a person’s reaction is a reflection of them. but THAT’S the problem. a woman’s pregnancy isn’t about anyone but her, the baby, and (maybe) the baby’s father. it’s not an excuse for ANYONE else to air out their insecurities about adulthood, paranoia about responsibilities, or qualms about life. and for that reason, it’s totally NOT appropriate to be asking those questions.

    by being the recipient of this news, you’re being invited to a coming-of-age celebration. and just like you wouldn’t start admonishing a recent college graduate or a newly married couple about their life-altering decision/accomplishment, you shouldn’t question or lecture the choice of a woman to become a mom. if you’re asking questions to make yourself feel better, you’re insecure and rude, and that’s no one’s fault but your own. don’t rain on anyone’s parade.


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