Welcome to the Dungeon

Hi. I’m Mistress M. [extending hand] It’s nice to meet you. Is this your first time working at a dungeon?… That’s cool. Well, don’t be shy. We’ll show you the ropes, so to speak [laugh]… What made you decide to try out this line of work?… Yeah, I hear ya. The economy is pretty bad. And you’re right, this job is fun. [beat] Well, it’s kind of slow right now. Why don’t I show you around, and answer some questions you might have? [smile] It’s no problem. Really. Just follow me.

Let’s start off with the basics. On every shift you have a phone girl and the doms. The phone girl is basically the manager. They’re the ones who handle the calls, coax clients to come in over the phone, and handle the money. They’re the first ones to show up at the dungeon and the last ones to leave. They also have the duty of keeping all of us in line, which I’m sure you can imagine, can be awfully difficult. [giggle]

Now, I know that you’ve seen the elevator. [smile] Right across from it is the consultation room. That’s where each of us meets the client, where we get to show them why we’re the best person for their particular session- [laugh] That’s a good question! [slaps forehead] Well, I guess I got ahead of myself.

Before a client comes in, they have to make an appointment. We don’t take walk-ins. So they’ll find us on the web or in one of our ads, and they’ll call and speak to the phone girl. The phone girl takes down his name, tells him where we’re located, and asks what time he’ll be arriving. Most of the calls are for the house, meaning that the client doesn’t have a particular dom in mind to session with; sometimes, they will have a particular girl in mind and an appointment will be made.

When a client arrives for the house, the phone girl greets them and puts them into the consultation room. Then, one by one, each dom goes in and meets the client. What you’re trying to do in there is establish a repoire with the client, a connection of some kind. Each girl is gonna look smokin’ hot, so you have to offer something more – and I’m not talking about sex. [clears throat] As I’m sure you’ve been told, we don’t allow for any kind of prostitution here. No hand jobs, no blow jobs, no sex of any kind… [laughs] Sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as harsh. It’s just something I feel the need to stress to newer girls… Hmm? Well, we all have our own styles of getting a client to choose us. Some girls will flirt a lot. Others will have as deep a conversation as possible. Whatever floats your boat. You’ll come into your own consultation style soon enough. You’ll see.

So after all the girls have met the client, the phone girl goes in and asks who they’d like to session with. Money is collected and the client is shown to a room. [nods to the door] Let me show you the rooms.

 As you’ll see, most of our rooms are equipped with a bondage bed. [slaps the bed] They’re big and sturdy and can take a beating, which is good since a lot of beatings happen on them. [laughs]… Oh, you haven’t been in a training session yet? Don’t worry. You’ll have your chance. Training sessions are especially fun because you don’t feel the pressure to perform particularly well. [laugh] You can depend on the dom to show you what to do… Sure. Of course. That’s what I’m hear for! Whatta ya wanna know?…

Well, most of the time, by the time you get into the room, the client will be in a state of undress.  Sometimes they’ll be naked. Sometimes, they’ll have taken off only a shirt or pants or something like that. Sometimes they’ll only have on their underwear. Sometimes they’ll have only taken off their jackets. It’s a personal preference thing. [smiles] In consult, they’ll have told you what they want, and now it’s your chance to make it happen… No no no no no no. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do. You set your own boundaries. Most of the time, they’ll come up in consultation. Like, a guy will want full nudity or toplessness or a switch or sub session- …

There are three kinds of sessions. During a dom session, you’re in control. You tell the client what’s going to be done. You control their every move. You beat them, torture their nipples, etc. During a sub session, the client is in control. they spank you, tickle you, that kind of thing. Don’t be afraid; the perameters of the session have already been set in the consultation room and you’ve already established the boundaries. Our clients are great in that they respect our boundaries. Besides, I like to say that sub sessions are really dom sessions from the bottom; you’re always in control, no matter who’s inflicting the pain… Absolutely. You can tell the client to stop, no matter what… No one will think badly of you for doing that… Yeah, it is great. Our boss is awesome that way. And anyway, just rounding out the sessions, switch sessions – that just means that during one session you’re both dom and sub.

In each room, you’ll find an assortment of implements: floggers, whips, cuffs, crops, nine-tails, paddles, belts, switches… You’ll get a feel for them. It just takes time and practice. Also, there’s an assortment of ropes and clamps and cross-dressing costumes out in the common area. Be sure to take a look at all of that stuff when you get the chance. The main things you have to be aware of are the placement of the implements and the bondage bed, the differences between the rooms, and the location of the cleaning products. In each room, there’s a chest of drawers with cleaning supplies, and we’re very careful and thorough about keeping all of the tools of the trade sanitary.

Do you have any questions?

[laughs] To be honest, I really really like this job. It helps me unload a lot of my stress in a fun and safe environment. And it allows me to use my wit, intelligence, and physical endowments in ways that no other job can match. Plus, the girls are great. There’s no cattiness here – at least, not like I’ve heard at other places.

Any other questions?

[nods excitedly] You’ll see things that you’ll want to gawk at. Men will have fantasies that you’ll want to laugh at. Some roleplays are so strange that you’ll want to balk at them. And it’s fine to do all of that – when the client isn’t here.

It’s our job to LOVE each fantasy and each session that comes our way. Or, at least, to fake loving it to the best of our ability. We get paid to fulfill a service, and it’s such a strange and extraordinary service that you really have to like doing it in order to do it well. Some part of you has to enjoy it. And that’s the hardest part of the job – being honest enough with yourself to know that you like beating men and fulfilling fantasies. It’s a real head trip…

Yeah, you’ll see…

Me? [laughs] I’ve had plenty of strange on-the-job experiences. I’ll tell you about them sometime. But don’t worry: it’s only a matter of time till you have your own.


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